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Looking down the hallway to the guest bedroom and out into the living room

Another view of the dining area, looking down at the farm buildings. Rosalie Cruickshank lives in the trailer on the left. The old farm house will be torn down soon.

More arrivals, looking across the rainy fields

Dinner can't be far away!

Emily and Donny

It's time to mash the potatoes

A gathering in the living room. Donny tortures the cat

Every photographer loves photos like this. Only one person is actually looking at the camera!

Douglas, Janie and Shelley

Carol and Joyce in the kid's room

A little walk outside on the porch (protected from the rain, you know) to get a better view of the tree and its lichen, the porch, and a view into the kitchen

Karen obeys Cole's Law

...and then announces that the meal is served!

Is this a spread?!! Joyce is the first to partake

Carol, Ron, and Jenny


Two views of the "fogey table"

The kids sat at the smaller table and the kitchen counter