Thanksgiving 2007 w/Duane & Ann
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We've set up some walls to keep the breeze away Duane slowly lowers the bird into the hot oil. Don't burn my hand! It's about 350 degrees in there Ann observes the critical operation
All that cardboard helps to contain the splatter Onions are sauteed Now the bird emerges! Mmmmm . . green beens & pecans
The yams are being candied Very good! Here's our feast Get a good angle for the shot!
Green beans & mushroom soup Cranberry pecan stuffing The green beans & pecans we saw earlier Of course, potatoes & gravy!
Tender, moist delicious turkey Yams, ready to eat Sudden jump to Friday, Duane & I are making quarter round That's a beautiful cherry board
The flash freezes that 22,000 RPM router bit You can even see wood chips flying Now we've stained and finished Beautiful wood grain