There were no less than a dozen pies, if you include the cheesecake. Those responsible were asked to pose with their handiwork. Shelley has what we call "quick eyelids". No, she's not asleep!

Nobody's eating -- there must have been enough food!

Rosalie Cruickshank, Brooke's grandmother and her son Jim. The Cruickshank farm is seen in the background

It looks like Riley is laying claim to a particular pie

Oops, lost one! Jim Yourdon's mom provides a shoulder

From appearances, Chris has his eyes set on a pie. Looks like Janie has picked one too!

The ceremonial cutting of the pies

We've lost another!

Pardner, I said DRAW!!!

Brooke's grandmother is leaving; looks like it's all winding down

Riley contemplates the remainder of a slice of chocolate pecan pie

In any confrontation between a grandma and an infant, it's a contest of wills. Cosette was incredulous that Karen would be offering pie. What are you thinking of, grandma? In the last two frames, grandma has eaten a little as encouragement, but it's not clear just who won this one!