January 2, 2000
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A view from the lawn

You may kiss the Bride!!!

Starting down the aisle

Cocktail hour begins

Jim starts the video interviews with Doug Gilbert, Norman Wells and Rose Workman

Warren Mooers, Lynn Miracle, Tim Reese, Yvette Maldanado

Carl Jackson, Tom Mooers, Brian Abernethy, Tim Reese, Susan Rossetti, Jonathan Vehar, Ceci Nakagama

Johnny Johnson, Rose Workman, Norman Wells

George Eldridge begins the magic show

George does magic as the Bride and Groom are photographed outside

Doug Gilbert, Ken Dershowitz, Debbie Dershowitz(obscured), Lynn Eldridge, George Eldridge, Mike Neary

Tim Reese, Rhyan Reese, Denise Reese, Rhobyn Reese, Julie Denmion, Eric Denmion

Tamara Seebach, Marie Ann Donaldson, Alice Johnson, Stan Johnson, Johnny Johnson, Rose Workman, Norman Wells

JC Edwards, Pat Edwards, Oscar Pardo, Elizabeth Pardo, Dave Rumph, Jane Rumph

(clockwise from bottom) Brittany Thomas, Arlene Thomas, Jim Thomas, Alan Thomas, Scott Lacy, Maryann Lacy, Carl Jackson, Jeff Hough, Mary Hough

Lisa Anderson, Louis Gonzales, Jeff Maynard, Alex Donahue, Johanna Marshall, Dave Ferris

Corinne Dayton, Helen Timan, Mark Auville, Reilly Auville(hidden), Jen Auville, Connie Hein

(clockwise from left) Nancy Mooers, Tom Mooers, Doris Mooers, Warren Mooers, Carolyn Castellani, Marc Madregal, Lulut Garcia, Brian Tucker, Angie Tucker

Nancy McIlwain, Mark Alfassa, Jonathan Vehar, Susan Rossetti, Reid Nakagama, Ceci Nakagama

(clockwise from bottom) Chris Miller, Cheryl Bhence, Blaze Bhence, Christine Dodd, Bryan Dodd, Matt Dailey, Jennifer Wayland