Terry & Michelle's Rehearsal
Fort MacArthur, San Pedro & Ports o' Call Restaurant, December 30, 1999

Click on the thumbnail picture to see a larger view

The rehearsal photos will be scanned in the next week or so and will appear here.

Sue & Jeff warm up by the fire

Hugh and Barbara hosted the dinner. Barbara looks a little chilly

People are a blur in time exposures showing the view from our dining room

It takes me a while to get a good photo, what with wrong camera settings and all!

And here are the folks from the other side of the room

Another time exposure, with us properly seated

Frank took these photos, which do somehow include me in them!

We do introductions around the table, finishing with Michelle and Terry

Gifts are given to the bridal party

A nice looking group of people

Acknowledgement of our hosts

A little practice (with peach melba) for the traditional wedding cake feeding

Sue got this photo of me and Jeff. The camera decided to focus on the harbor

Speaking of the harbor, I tried some low-light photography of a ship departing. What looks like tanks on her deck are in fact smaller pleasure craft. Or maybe luxurious life rafts?