Summer Party at the Barbara Street House

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Patrick, Sue, Lori, Bill, ?, and Lightning on the right

Liz, George, George's wife

Peter and friend

Hugh and a friend from UCLA

Ex-roommate Andy, Lightning and Lori

Laura, Rolanda, Rasha, Jeff and Jeff Maynard

Rolanda and Laura

Hugh's sister Nancy and their mom

Sue's roommate George and friends

Front row: Laura, Rolanda, Paul. Back row: Rasha, Jeff & Sue, Margo

Andy and friends enjoy the indoor/outdoor theme

Nancy and Hugh's mom and dad

Marinated steak!

Sally and Bill

Omkar, er, Blaze (B.O.B.?) and Terry

Michelle and Cheryl

Terry and Jeff with competing T-shirts

Terry, Michelle, Sally, Bill

Jeff Maynard, Sally, Jennifer, Todd, Ken (in front), Terry, Michelle, others at the other table

Jennifer, Todd, Terry, a blurry Ken, Michelle

Gloria and friend

Ah, the glow of the grill

Jeff Maynard, Spencer, Ann, Jeff

Finally, a good photo of Ken!