Minnesota State Fair
August 23, 2001

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We walk through the poultry building. Some of the "poultry" seemed to look a lot like rabbits, but not these rows. Duane is amused; Charlie is visibly moved, er, blurred.

A little heads-up assures full cooperation. A bath is next!

More of the various critters that come together to make it the State Fair.

Machinery Hill isn't quite what it used to be, but we still get to see the kind of equipment every suburban homeowner really needs. Is that a 460 V8 in the Jeep?

Ancient tractors, carefully reassembled.

This brings back memories! An old-fashioned threshing machine, just like the one uncle Cliff had. It's how the oats got put up each year.

Wildflower seeds from Askov! Charlie and duane pose with one of my ex-classmates in the background, busily writing up a sale. Hey, Brad Petersen, I hope the fair goes well for you!

A last look at the day's crowd.

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