August 20, 2001
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We stop for a rest and some scenery north of Duluth along Lake Superior

A couple of views to the south

Here's where the lighthouse keeper and assistants lived.

A hapless passerby, recorded for posterity

Ah, here's the lighthouse itself.

The base of the lighthouse and the foghorn building. Hey, I recognize some of the people in the photo!

Now we're at the top of the lighthouse, looking at the converted light source. It used to be kerosene vapor, but is now incandescent. A 3rd order fresnel lens helps it to be seen far out in the lake. The lamp and lens assembly float in a pool of mercury, so that a system of clockworks and weights rotate it once every 20 seconds. That's a flash of light every 10 seconds, because of the double sided lens assembly.

Charlie and I found this chart in the oil house.

Pat Lundgren stayed at the car and prepared a gourmet feast of sloppy joes and other accoutrements to delight the epicurean fancy. Thanks, Pat!

I guess I miss birch trees. It was a perfectly clear and beautiful day, and it seemed like a good idea to photograph them.

We stopped briefly in Two Harbors to get a look at Glen & Joy Lundgren's new house.