August 18, 2001
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First order of business -- FOOD!!!

Here's Jeanne and Gary Degerstrom and kids. Tell me these folks didn't practice their poses -- just try 'n' tell me they didn't!

Who's going to win the "guess the next car in the driveway" contest?

Out of many contests, my favorite. Here's the winner of the "Helen Hoftiezer Look-Alike" contest!

Now that Terri has married Don, Mick Nedegaard administers the solemn Seablom Family oath. Lois looks on as the witness.

Dan Tvedt and Marvin Hansen renew old family quarrels. Marvin brandishes a knife. Well, a plastic knife. The Hatfields and McCoys had nothing on the Seabloms!

A little harmony reigns. Beth and Paul Mainville and Jan and Dave Tvedt sit together.

Several Tvedts and descendents together -- Shantel Hoftiezer, Joyce Tebbitt and Troy Tvedt ignore Charlotte. I don't know who is talking with Charlotte. Is it Sharon?

Bill Tvedt dazzles Ken and Brian Lundgren with brilliance.

Why is this woman smirking? Joyce Tebbitt, you look good in short hair.

Gary Zustiak explains world class bubblegum blowing support techniques to Helen. Ken, Kay and Kevin (What? The KKK?) conspire to burn chicken on the unwatched grille.

A part of the crew in the garage. Charlie Seablom, Don Chatfield, Diane Schotl and Terri Chatfield. Not doing anything funny at all...

Pat Lundgren leads the chorus in the Family Song

Here's the Seablom family contingent: Charlie and Mary

Here's a gaggle of Tvedts. I believe this is the largest family group in attendance.

Charlie shows the respect that Mom is due.