We Fence the Garden for Mom
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Brian brought the top rail

Duane welds the top rail to the posts

Christopher rides a really fast cycle

The first fabric goes up

Christopher keeps the fence taut

A late afternoon blaze of sunlight illuminates the home place

This one will require a bit of explanation. It's Mom, dressed for church on a Sunday morning, holding the rifle she just used to kill a grackel that was marauding in her bird feeder. Mom has lots of beautiful birds in her feeder, in no small part because she keeps the undesirables away. Permanently.

And she's off to church!

A lovely fall morning on the farm

The garden, mostly fenced, from a little distance

At this point, the fence is complete except for the gates

Duane worked up the soil to help prepare for spring

Our final task was to weld the frame for a tractor gate