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The mountains near San Berdoo on the drive up

Greg is less than happy that the rack isn't in place YET!!!

See the funny SCART connector on the DVD player

Put up the booth walls, then cut the holes for the equipment

And this is going to be ready for the public Monday morning?

Inside the booth

This is how flat panel TVs are really made

The hardest workers get a short break

Thomas Boltze and I relax at TGI Friday's

Dumbest thing I ever saw -- Monster Cable gets into the Cat 5 business!

Greg makes one of many purchases at local stores to get the booth put together

George Palmer consults with Greg as a presentation is put together

Friday evening it's Mexican food

Saturday and more work is done on the booth

CompUSA gets some money for a VGA scan converter

Early morning views from the room at the Rio

The evil competition!

A few parting shots on the last day of the show. We were impressed by the new LED sign for the LVCC