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People met at the Show

Joe Parker at the Ultimatte booth

Roger Mayer

Joe Gareri

Doug Jensen and Roger Johnson from KTHI

Ken Dixon

Earl Johnson

Scott McGrail

Friend and Wook

Menno Kleingeld from the set-top box division at Philips

Bill Besanceney

Sue Seidenglanz and Greg Pine

At the Fujinon Party

A rather bizarre photo of Andy Suk

Bizarre photos of Phil Mendelson. Well, Phil is a little bizarre

Ron Williams

Pat Walsh

Chuck Bocan, just off the dance floor!

Dale Hunter

Talk about bizarre! Me in stealth clothing -- I can sneak right up on anyone I know because no one believes it's possible for me to dress up. Note the halo on the closeup. But you knew that about me, didn't you?

Bob and Shirley visit the show on the last day