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At 8:45 in the morning, the beginnings of our march. The "moms" will be across the street by the Federal building

Lots of signs for our side; easily read from across the street. Pretty good messages, too

All the TV coverage was there for the "moms". Several live TV trucks converged to the scene

Looking north across the street to our march. We filled the sidewalk with signs in the long block leading to the freeway. I didn't get any photos when our group was at its peak

A large police presence was a part of the scene. I didn't hear any protests from the "moms" that the police were carrying guns

Their signs were smallish, and had supporting sticks. A no-no, but the powers that be let them get away with it

Federal cops inside the veterans cemetery. There to keep us from swarming over the fence, I guess

On the line. I was very pleasantly surprised by the number of women who drove by and honked & waved to show us their support

More of us and them. One of the most bizarre signs on their side read, "Protect me with laws, not guns!" Isn't that exactly the protections the kids at Columbine high school had?