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Come into my Parlour...

This little fellow (or gal) had set up shop on the plant just south of the house.

Flower Closeups

Some hand held, some with a tripod

How Color TV works

OK, OK. It's really a computer monitor. See the individual phosphor dots that make up the colors. Lots of fun, and my excuse is that I'm testing the lens, right?

Ship's deck prism

Ivy plant under incandescent light

More pretty flowers

Myrtlewood bowl with inlay

Honestly, some people will take pictures of anything that doesn't move! These photos were taken with the new flash equipment; a softbox on the left and an umbrella on the right. The closeup is at 1:1 ratio on the lens.

These were taken a week or so later when I picked up a couple of different kinds of velvet to use as backgrounds. This is probably enough pictures of the myrtlewood bowl!!!