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A plentiferous preponderance of palms. Pleasing!

Ah, the low angle, the sweeping curve of the stone wall...

Should we call these triple scoop cones? I love the range of color.

Drawing on my extensive horticultural background, I name these ice plant flowers. I'm probably wrong, but they sure are intensely colorful!

I can be SO cruel. "No Joyce, a little closer... closer..." She didn't fall for it!

These are NOT the flowers and plants I grew up around!

We loved this -- an awesome display of cacti, and the flowers in the foreground painfully yellow

My favorite photo of the bunch. These plants had lots of water spots on them and I spent a long time retouching those off, but there's a luminance to this photo that I love.

We'd obviously wandered into the desert area. Do you recognize ANY of these plants?

Sorry -- it's just too much work to try to remove the water spots. These are beautiful anyway!

Another contrast in palms

Gee, they look cuddly -- ouch! Let me lean here -- OUCH! There's a surrealism at the Huntington that instantly made it one of my favorite places to visit.

If you're thinking that this is a nice bunch of bamboo, consider that the small object to the right of the base of the bunch is a park bench with someone sitting on it. It gives you a much better sense of proportion!

Two views of a gurgling brook. Which is your favorite? The left one's taken at normal settings, while the one on the right is at the slowest shutter speed the camera would do in daylight.

More proof that Joyce visited the Huntington!

The Japanese Garden was beautiful, but we only had a glimpse and it was time to leave.

Something of a formal lawn with statutory statuary.