October 27, 2001
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Our hero and heroine arrive in the Bat Cave via the Bat Poles

The Bat Cave is equipped with modern computers and ample parking for the Batmobile

Meanwhile, in Stately DuWayne Manor...

It's a bird, it's a plane . . .

A happy Samuri is a sheathed Samurai

Let me get that receipt for you, ma'am

The newly wed and highly ferrous chefs. You two make quite a pear! Er, . . . .

Dancin' in the Abandoned Warehouse

I love it when someone provides illumination. Smile!

We'll call her Audrey II!

A little Postal Dust to Squaw-k about. Oh, Rats!

If you agree, nod your head vigorously

Back in Stately DuWayne Manor

It wasn't hard to get this couple to remain stationery, er, stationary

Cultural extremes -- Slug Girl and Tanya of the Taliban. Repress yourself, Tanya!

I'd vote for this one -- the arrival of another partygoer

Singing around the fire

The Penguin puts in an appearance, along with Hockey Girl and the Candy Man

Back to the kitchen with Cheryl and Blaze and George and . . .