October 31, 2000
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Eve Tan, Lisa Mathis, Ann Levy & Ann Levy

Annemarie (oh, Mama!) Cleaver

Terry Studstill at her morning best (but it's afternoon!), and a pose with Madame Suzanne

If you transpose the first two letters of "Larry", you get "Al". More than coincidence?

Carol D..., er, Linda and Marie

In the graveyard of other crafts sites with Pat, er, Matthew and Jackie

Whooooo will win the forest's pumpkin contest?

John, Michele and sweet lil' thang Marjhey

Management is always scary. Pirate Leslie, colonel Elisabeth and is that the Bain Witch? No, it's Linsly

We enter the call center, with Kate at her best

Hell-a, Arabell-a! Lisa in the eerie glow of her screen, and Craig tells Danielle and Sherry a scary story

Kristi at her relaxed best, and Jeremy with the usual hair-emy

Suraj Panditaradhyula and a final group photo