2003 Grammy Awards in NYC
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The Sheraton across the street. This is where the Grammy After Show Party was held.

Sunday was cold, rainy, blustery.

Gee, are we getting close to Times Square?

Hey, it's not square!

Mixing the familiar with the bizarre.

OK, Broadway to the left, 7th Street to the right.

Three scrolling lines of text...

My personal favorite -- it was broken all weekend!

Hmmm... Blue Screen of Death?

This was cool, a huge cylindrical wraparound sign.

No, not the Flatiron Building!

Some of these limos are on their way to the Grammys.

I remember when cell phones were this big.

I believe I like this building.


Closeup on those groovy signs

Looking back in the other direction.

A large Ferris wheel in a Toys-R-US

Two nearly identical photos -- pick your favorite.