Tuffy was bought by a roommate and became my first dog. When he came home, he was so small he easily fit in one hand. A mix of Rat Terrier and Chihuahua, he combined a timid attitude with fierce courage when the situation called for it.
Fido I was a feisty Rat Terrier that came to me from the Dane County Wisconsin Humane Society (the Used Dog Store) at 11 months of age. She lived with me for 13 years and was a constant, loving companion. Fido would growl fiercely, then offer a kiss -- all in the same breath.
In 1986 when I moved to Southern California, Spot joined the family. Spot was a long-haired Chihuahua from the SPCA. The hand-lettered sign by her name at the SPCA said "mean". The battle for supremacy raged for years, as documented below.
Fido II was from Rosalie Rinear's Fire Mountain Rat Terrier kennel in Buttonwillow CA on September 19th of 1998. Her growing-up photos can be seen in the links below. Fido lived 15 years and two months.
Rover is from Tony Ford in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Rover is my third Rat Terrier, and has been a great companion to Fido II.

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Photos of Tuffy

Fido and Spot

Their Majesties, Spot & Fido Lundgren

I believe this is Fido I's last photo

Meet Fido II

Fido II at 7-1/2 months

Meet Rover!

These photos taken June 26, 2000

Rover's first photos, taken before she joined us. Rover came home June 30th.

Rover Plays With a Special Ball

See the photos!

Fido the Fish Dog & Spot, the Sun-Seeking Lump

1995 fishing trip with Mom and Charlotte Tvedt. Fido keeps an eye out for dangerous fish.

Fido sitting on Spot? Spot was only interested in a comfortable place to curl up, while Fido had to know what was happening with the bobber at all times. She got tired of standing, straddling the snoozing Spot, so finally she sat down. I gingerly reached for the camera and caught a classic.

A younger Fido attacks a perch

Dog Fight!

The Amazing Card

Believe it or not, this is not a photo of Spot and Fido I. Sister-in-law Kay found this while shopping for a card and bought it on the spot. I received the card, saw a picture of my dogs on it, and didn't think anything of it -- just opened it up. A moment or two later I did a major double take. The photo seems to have been taken in the 60s, given the vintage of the furniture. The caption on the inside reads, "Wanda wish you a happy birthday!"

The girls in October 1996

Portraits on a Quilt, Jan. '97

These were taken with the new flash equipment. I know -- you're not supposed to use a bright flashy background! This is a "quillow" (quilt/pillow) that Mom made for me. The dogs do tend to become the background and the quillow the foreground, but I think it adds a homey touch. More portraits when I get some appropriate background fabric...

Fido has shaved front legs from her recent trips to the animal hospital.

Pretty obviously, somebody's little dog enjoys posing for the camera, with all the pampering that goes along with the task.

Fido shows off her scar just after the stitches have been removed. Must I sit here?

I like this photo -- a gull captured mid-flight with the 300mm telephoto lens as it snatched up a minnow

I like this aunt!
A better picture of Charlotte is also here to see.

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