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1536 x 1024 2nd generation JPEG
The high res version was retouched to remove the redeye effect and re-saved as a JPEG again. This increased the artifacts somewhat, but it still looks pretty good.

These are taken with a Kodak DC265 digital camera. The original photos are at 1536 x 1024 resolution.

My windup radio, all lit up pretty with the flashes. Not too bad... These photos are taken in the "super" quality mode, as are those below.

Quickie outdoor photos of a rainy day in Los Angeles. The photo on the left shows the relatively slow "speed" of the camera's sensor, but the blurs look just right.

For Terry, here's a photo of Jeff. The one on the left is the full frame image, reduced from 1536 x 1024 to the 720 x 480 resolution I typically use on the web. The one at the right is a 720 x 480 extract of the original image, pixel for pixel. Both images are 2nd generation JPEG, and no retouching or other processing has been done.

Antoinette and Jason at the Hot Wings Cafe.


Terry, Sue and Jeff at Alejo's. The little dish is fresh garlic in olive oil. Powerful!

Steve Murphy, machinist extraordinaire

Jeff, Sue, Bob and me after my Forum completion on July 27th

Jon Tanimoto at the Inferno, with the new hair. Nice hair, Jon!