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I am reminded of the dog "Max" in "How the Grinch Stole Christmas". These critters should be having difficulty keeping their rear feet on the ground!

Give them places to run, plenty of food and they will use the feeder as a bed.

The bears from which Bear Country gets its name. The one on the left has just eaten a touron (cross between tourist and moron {Thanks, Joyce!}), while the one on the right is doing the low clearance hurdle over an inconvenient pile of logs in an attempt to eat us. We barely escaped!

"When the Moon's in the sky, like a buffalo's eye, that's Amore..."
Hmmm... do I have those lyrics right?

Glen abuses a goose for Katie's amusement; Mr. Badger comes out of his house; the porcupines lick a rabbit to death. Just another busy day at Bear Country!

OK, everyone in unison: "Aw, isn't that CUTE!" Future bears for public consumption, er, make that visual consumption.