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These pictures were scanned on a custom VistaVision motion picture scanner at Pacific Title Digital at 3072 x 1536 resolution, then converted from the original Cineon 10-bit per color per pixel format to 8-bit TIFF and downrez'd by a factor of 2. A bit of cropping later and another downrez step and they became JPEG files that are shown here.

The scanner is one the historic III (Triple-I) scanners and recorders that were used on movies dating back to "Tron", "The Last Starfighter", and "2010". The scanners and recorders are now out of service.

Bob Bass & Jeff Wells preflight the plane
Shirley Bass and I had this view from the rear seats
Taking off from Camarillo, heading to Santa Barbara
Looking down at the shoreline
Bob at the controls
Jeff Wells, Bob and Shirley Bass at Santa Barbara
Holy ice plant, Batman--what are those flowers?
A view of the Channel Islands
Kelp bed, looking back at the shore
Flight of brown pelicans
The pier at Santa Barbara
Heading back to Camarillo
Attentive pilots