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Part of the assortment Don arranged to be ready for us. The .50 BMG is on the left

Duane in a serious pose with my favorite toy, the H&K MP-5

The youngest goes first -- Cody Tebbitt takes on the MP-5

Eli Maki tries the MP-5 out

Our host explains the finer details of some of the weaponry

Mal is a pro at the range. The MP-5 feels right at home

We didn't have to do much urging to get Mom to try this!

Ah, a shooter to my own heart! Joy is left handed. Glen gleefully snaps away

Doug tries out an AC-556 or mini-14 full auto

Charlie demonstrates proper form in all things

Don can't seem to keep the smile off his face. This is serious, Don!

Duane's done this before, I think

Jim, I count four empties spiraling away. Are you in a hurry?

Ken needs something suitable for the cupola at the Valley Manor House. Will this one do?

Tony is really having fun here...!

The M-60 is demonstrated. Too much to pass up -- I tried it out. (Highly recommended!)

Eli (Untouchable) Maki with an original Tommy gun

Looks like Cody enjoys the Tommy gun too

It's all true. Mom shot the .50 cal not once, but twice. The empty case she kept will be used as a bud vase. Isn't that a great way to recycle? Mom used to run a machine that did a manufacturing step on .50 caliber cases during WWII. It's high time you experienced shooting one!