A man goes into a Manhattan bank for a loan. He parks his Rolls Royce on the street outside. The man tells the bank officer, "I would like to take out a $5000 loan for my vacation." The bank officer replies, "You can get the loan, but we need some collateral." The man reaches into his pocket and hands him the keys to the Rolls. He says, "Here are the keys to my Rolls. The car will be my collateral." The bank officer then drives the car into the bank's underground parking lot, processes the loan, and gives the man $5000.

Two weeks later, the man returns and says he wants to pay off the loan. The bank officer says, "The total loan with interest is now $5020. I did some checking on you, sir. I checked your credit background and saw that you're a multi-millionaire. Tell me why you took out a loan."

The man smiled and replied, "How else can you park a car in Manhattan for two weeks and pay only twenty dollars?"